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Digital Jukeboxes - quality guaranteed

A CorpraHire digital jukebox has many innovative and exclusive features making it the most user friendly quality music systems available in Perth.

Our digital jukebox with or without the Karaoke option is competitively  priced, delivered free to most Perth suburbs  - backed by our professional staff. Please phone for an appointment to view our jukeboxes

Simple to use - reliable digital technology

Our digital jukebox with optional Karaoke is very user friendly offering many exclusive features, no written instructions necessary. Big sound easy find music selection, auto play, playlist limiter, long range remote, wireless microphones (with the Karaoke option), program help prompter are a few of its many exclusive features, all tailored to your party or event.   Information on these and many more features are detailed below.

Great Music

At CorpraHire our Music - Video - Karaoke song library offers a music selection to delight an audience regardless of age or gender. Always up to date with new or popular songs added every month. You receive the entire library, over 4000+ songs in our digital jukebox and a free CD player is built in to play that unique song or album.

Our song library includes the popular tracks from 800+ Albums - Current Top 20 songs plus hits from the 50-60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's,  Rock N Roll, R & B, Country, Dance, Disco, Metal and more, you decide the music categories that you want to have in the jukebox on installation - only the music mix that suits you and your party.

A Music  Video Karaoke song list to delight you

All the big bands and popular artists are available and we include a built in CD player for that special song or album - check out our music list emailed to you in spreadsheet format from the link below -

click on Request Song List




620(w) x 600(d) x 1310(h)

colours available red, green or purple 

free delivery installation / pickup (most Perth suburbs)

no fuss setup on delivery takes minutes

Saturday - Sunday - Public Holiday delivery / pickup service

technical service backup - 25+ years industry experience

Latest digital technology and easy to operate

Help prompter - our digital jukebox program tells you what to do next - no written instruction necessary

Simple song selection finding your favourite song is easy, you select songs by Album Cover - Music Track - Artist Name - Category (e.g. Rock n Roll) - all songs are displayed in alphabetical order.

Continuous music as a song fades out a new song fades in - no break between songs.

Programmed to your party  - you decide what music style and music mix is best for your party

Play list  - displays your selected songs in play order, programmed to limit the number of songs selectable (any number you choose - usually 20)

Auto play song  feature - music continues when the play list is empty programmed to the music mix you want for your party

Karaoke features and accessories

1300 Karaoke songs - a karaoke song library to delight an audience regardless of age or gender

Microphones on stands - two corded mics on stands or two wireless microphones  (at no extra cost)

Microphone volume control - volume for microphones independent of music volume, ideal for speeches as a PA system

Reverb (echo) feature - add an echo for a professional karaoke sound      

Key adjustment - controls playback speed of words on the screen to keep in time with the karaoke artist.               

Multiple screen - remote screen TV video-in RCA connection and lead, optional remote  LCD 17" screen  (extra $25.00)

Personal address system - for speeches and announcements

Special features including remote control

Remote control - UHF long range remote control 4 button features include "Volume + or -"

"Cancel Song" "Off / On" and same controls on the rear of Juke Box (disabled on request)

Free CD player built in play that special song or album

Infinite starlight effect - changing light patterns for that party atmosphere

Quadraphonic for big sound you can feel - (even at low volume)

Dual audio output feature - (optional extra speakers)              

Video out-put - (Second screen for Video & Karaoke music clips)        

Multiple screens - (remote multiple video screen capable)


Price list great value

Digital Jukebox    $220.00

Karaoke Digital Jukebox    $275.00

Prices quoted are all inclusive of GST and a standard delivery and pick up within our service area (most Perth suburbs).

Prices may vary for non standard delivery -  outside our service area or specific delivery or pickup times or installation upstairs

Xmas & New Year Holidays - special rates apply

Saturday - Sunday - Public Holiday delivery and collection included at no additional cost

 No fuss setup on delivery takes minutes

phone:-  1300 655 664  or mobile  0413 655 664


Our commitment to our customers:-

  •  We always listen to you, our customer;

  •  We offer the finest products;

  •  We guarantee delivery, installation and collection - seven days at competitive pricing;

  •  We expect to exceed your expectations with Great Products and Great Service.

We welcome your enquiry