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Dance floor needs replacement

Are you finding in ground dirt and grime impossible to remove?

Parquet fingers dented, torn or missing?

Locking system failing?

Dance floor Panels are difficult to install?

Our refurbishment process will remedy these problems and much more at a modest cost.

Damaged or torn parquet fingers will be replaced; most heel or shoe marks are removed during the sanding process. We sand all boards through a wide belt sander to provide the best possible surface finish; apply three coats of lacquer in a two pack finish and a light sanding between coats.

Our unique locking system is an exclusive feature of a CorpraHire Dance Floor Refurbishments.

We will replace your existing grub screw locking system with our exclusive brass-collar mechanism. The brass-collar feature allows abnormal pressure to be applied to the collar locking system on dance floor installation reducing panel stress and wear. The usual effect of a torn or stressed panel, stripped or seized thread, causing the panel to become un-serviceable is virtually eliminated.

To complete the refurbishment process edge trims are cleaned, straightened and grub screws replaced. On delivery we offer your staff training in the correct installation techniques and maintenance procedures to maximise the extended life of your refurbished parquet dance floor.

CorpraHire parquet dance floor refurbishment offers you a first class finish.

 Excellence in workmanship, durable easy glide surface, supported by our one year onsite workmanship guarantee and usually at less than half the cost of a new replacement floor. 


Ring today for a free on site inspection and advice on the refurbishment of your portable parquet dance floor.

Our commitment to our customers:-

  •  We always listen to you, our customer;

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  •  We expect to exceed your expectations with Great Products and Great Service.


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