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Clients who demand the very best, prefer StageRight Products


STAGERIGHT stage decks are pure class and so rigid that performers think they're on a permanent floor. Enjoy the clean, attractive appearance of a STAGERIGHT stage supplied exclusively in Western Australia by CorpraHire.

STAGERIGHT stage decks are manufactured in the U.S.A. from aircraft-alloy composition with an anodized finish made of high-strength outer layers bonded to a honeycomb core. The honeycomb core absorbs resonance to reduce the "drumhead" effect that can detract from a performance. They're remarkably quiet and built to a standard of engineering excellence for any event (Corporate, Dance or Concert) requiring the best stage equipment available.

STAGERIGHT reversible tops offer you a perfect choice of stage surface. A textured fibreglass surface; Techstage, (black polypropylene slip-resistant surface) ideal for dance or a commercial grade polyolefin grey carpet, either surface is designed to impress. Moulded Corners maintain decks in top condition thanks to the impact resistance of injection-moulded polycarbonate.

STAGERIGHT decks are certified (uniformly distributed live load capacity) in excess of 700 kg per square metre and a concentrated load of 8kN, a capacity far greater than Australian Standard

STAGERIGHT Rigid, Durable Construction - STAGERIGHT laminated decks are rigid yet lightweight, providing unbelievable strength, durability and a safe platform for virtually any event. Savings in setup time is achieved by "bridging" or "suspending" decks between under structures; also, decks align themselves as they fasten on the conical locator nodes of the support system meaning a fast cost effective installation.

STAGERIGHT Major Event Deck supports have "any height" and "any terrain" adjustment to a height of two metres. Indoors or outdoors on a level or irregular surfaces our professional installation team will spare your event the distractions of wobbly, noisy or uneven platforms. STAGERIGHT offers variable height supports, horizontal and diagonal braces to provide unilateral stability and a lightweight construction combined for added safety. Adjustable screw feet compensate for uneven floors with fine-adjustment levelling to your any height settings. We protect floor surfaces with sure-grip injection grade urethane pads or foot pad.

STAGERIGHT Accessories include Chair Stops, Guard Rails, Skirts and Steps with or without Hand Rails.

STAGERIGHT and CorpraHire provide a stage configuration to impress, for any event.


Selecting STAGERIGHT the world's No1 stage system exclusive to CorpraHire in Western Australia, will guarantee excellence in presentation and performance for all events

Corporate . Concert . Dance .  Fashion . Car on Stage .  Ramps . Walkways

         Conventions - Exhibitions - Trade Shows - Celebrations

         Carpeted or Fibreglass black decks

         Heavy Load Capacity

         Indoor - Outdoor

         Installed by our professional staff 

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